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Posted | by Tom Neville

Meet me at the Roxy

Pro Audio and Lighting has just about completed another great install. This time we went to downtown Rochester and worked on a new venue called the Roxy Rochester.

The Roxy Rochester Outside Building

Man, the owners spared no expenses on the build out or the sound and lighting system. First, we ran over a mile and a half of signal, audio, dmx and cat 6 cable. We hung a new Electro-Voice line array with 8 Dual Element EVA Boxes and 4 QRX double 18” subs all powered by 7 Dynacord C series amps totaling over 30,000 watts, processed by a Symetrix Prism and controlled by an Allen & Heath SQ7 for FOH and an Allen & Heath SQ 5 for the monitor mix. Tuesday night we did our first live band sound check and they put the system through its paces with no problem. The sound system and the band sounded fantastic! The band loved the new EV EKX powered monitors and the Sennheiser mics too!  We easily hit 110 DB which was what the system was designed for due to city sound ordinances. The light show includes 90 feet of truss and 7 Chauvet Intimidator Spot 475ZX, 8 Chauvet Intimidator Trios, 18 Chauvet Core Par Q120ILS, 3 ADJ Jolt FX Bar blinders, 12 Chauvet ColobandPIX ILS ceiling wash and one GIANT 40-inch mirror ball plus a touring style Chauvet Professional AMHaze Stadium all run by an Onyx NX Touch controller in four universes of DMX. 

The Roxy Rochester is located on 401 Walnut Blvd in Rochester Michigan. and live music dates are scheduled every weekend, with a DJ to follow. Opening night is June 16th.

“Meet me at the Roxy” and check out all of the sound and lighting toys Pro Audio and Lighting installed. We are ready for your project now, give us a call to arrange a consultation. (586) 582-0871



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