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Posted | by Tom Neville

Another Successful Service Call

Sometimes trouble shooting a sound system issue can be a challenge, this was one of those times.


ProAAL arrived and noted a bad channel on an amp and an aging mixer. We determined replacing these items was the best course of action. BUT, even after the upgrade we were still having clipping issues and low volumes. We then moved to the speakers assuming one was bad, but they all tested fine. The only thing left was the cabling, we assumed a staple was shorting a speaker cord. Well, we were half right. It was the cabling, but not a staple. Both the left and right signal cable went through the wall above the alter. After the 30 foot ladder was on site, it didn’t take us long to determine a hungry critter was the cause of the rest of audio problems. As you can see from the pictures, the jacket was chewed through and the positive and negative were very much touching. We had cable on the truck, and the weekend services where not interrupted. No critters were harmed from our visit, but I have a feeling that may change after we leave. ;). Even with the extra system trouble shooting, we were below the proposed budget and the church got a major upgrade in the sound due to a new amp and mixer. We readjusted the pulpit mics, added phantom power and a blue tooth receiver and tuned the system to the clients tastes. Let us improve your sound next! We are here for you and will work around your schedule. Click Here to schedule a service call.


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