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Posted | by Robert Kuron

When reverend Dr. Steve Bland Jr. of Liberty Temple Church in Detroit called Pro Audio and Lighting to look at his new utility room created from the old church, we were given a tall order. He explained that he wanted to dedicate the space during a December 22nd podcast in just 8 days. He wanted to have lighting in place to allow for a live video broadcast and to make the room an inviting place. Since this is a utility room it needed to be versatile enough to handle all different types applications. With so little time, we could only promise a temporary lighting system from our rental pool to make sure he did not miss his timeline. Owner Robert Kuron also said he would do his best to design, order, install and program the Church’s new lighting before their event, all on a thin budget. Keeping in mind stock levels are low, everyone is one is still short staffed due to COVID-19 AND we are in the holiday shipping season, this would require a little Christmas magic.

Chauvet DJ really came through for us this time as they located and shipped our lighting order within 24 hours. The list of products included:

3 EVE E-100z

6 EVE P-130 RGB

12 COREpar 40 USB

1 Show Xpress 512s

Plus, all the cords and cables needed.

The EVE E-100z has been our go to light when a long throw spot is need and videotaping is being done. These lights are bright, have zoom and spot options, framing, gel frames, and a gobo holder. In our mind, one of the best budget friendly lights for the application.

The EVE P-130 RGB really is a utility wash. It can complement the video cast and can also be color mixed for atmosphere. These lights come with a 25 and a 45-degree beam angle lens also adding to the versatility. They can be used for back fill, side fill, or front wash.

The COREpar 40 USB is a great wall wash fixture. We like the metal housing and the presets as well as the programmability. The USB option allows us to get to spaces without running DMX cables when needed.

We like the Xpress 512s due to the ease of which we can set up the screen for all of the worship group. We can preprogram screens for weddings, celebrations, and funerals and all they have to do is click a preprogramed button.

The biggest plus of all these lights is there are no fans for cooling! No fans equal no noise in worship spaces, which is a must. We know this adds to the price a bit, but when we ask worship ministers, “would you like to spread your word over many small cooling fans?” Most agree it is worth the step up in budget.

As with any Christmas story, a happy ending... On Tuesday December 22nd in just 6 hours Pro Audio and Lighting installed and programed 21 Chauvet DJ lights in time for their 6pm video cast. We helped turn just a room into an inviting, warm, well-lit worship space.

Sound was added on December 18th, we told pastor we are good but not that good. We did provide a temporary sound system until we install the permanent one after the first of the year.


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