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Posted | by Tom Neville

Pioneer Delivers BIG with XPRS Speakers

Pioneer DJ is a staple in many DJ booths around the world, they have also now creeped in to the Pro Audio world with a line up of powered speakers. The XPRS series speakers come in a 10", 12", & 15" along with a 15" & Double 15" Subwoofer.

Pro Audio & Lighting has had the 15" Powered Top in our showroom for some time, and it was time to do a real world test with them. I had the perfect event, a 250 person wedding. These speakers sound great in our showroom, but how would they hold up for 6+ hours for a wedding. The quick answer is they did fantastic. 

A little more in depth look at my experience with Pioneer XPRS15. While these speakers are a lot heavier then some on the market, they are comparable in size/weight to speakers of comparable quality, such as the EV ETX-15P & JBL SRX815P.  You will notice on the bottom of the XPRS15 that it has 2 pole sockets, 1 for standard set up on a speaker stand, or subwoofer pole, the 2nd is angled, so if you are on stage or riser and want to angle your speaker towards the crowd, you are able to do so. The mixer section on the speakers is very straight forward. You have 2 XLR/TRS Combo inputs, as well as an RCA input, as well as an Link (Thru) for each input, and a master XLR out to link to other systems, or another speaker. Also on the back panel is a couple preset EQ curves, These are usefull for different applications you may need to use this speaker for. While doing a sound check, I did play with each of these, but ultimately just used the flat setting and was more then satisfied with the sound. If you are setting up with a subwoofer, the XPRS speakers do a switch you can turn on/off that will pull some of the low frequency from the speaker.


If you are looking for a robust speaker that can be used in a variety of applications, I would strongly consider the XPRS series. 


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