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Posted | by Tom Neville

Complete Wireless Solutions....a game changer

The new GMU wireless systems from Gemini are completely free from wall power. The receivers are rechargeable, the handheld transmitters include a user replaceable rechargeable battery, and the body pack for the headset/lav system uses AA batteries.

These systems are perfect for anyone doing a remote sound application such as fitness in the park, or wedding ceremonies with battery powered speakers. I used a single handheld and a lavalier system this past weekend for a wedding ceremony as well as cocktail hour with my battery powered speaker. Not needing wall power for anything made set up a breeze. I was able to be out of the way, and still had full wireless mic capabilities for the officiant at the ceremony as well as speeches and toasts during the reception. 

For the ceremony I was in a room with around 150 people. This was not a huge room, so range wouldn't be an issue, but the number of people was the real test of these units. With all sorts of different cell phones and signals, that as we all know can cause interference at any given time, I had no issue. Before the ceremony started I selected a frequency with no noise on it, and didn't have to make any adjustments after that.

The next day, when I used these for cocktail hour, I had a little extra time and was really able to test the range. The venue I was at had a separate room for cocktail hour/dinner and where the "dancing" would be taking place. After I was set up with my normal DJ rig in the dancing room, I set up my battery powered speaker on the complete opposite end of the building, after getting the system up, I started doing the typical "mic check", as I was walking away from the speaker. I made it all the way to my dancing set up with no audio drop outs. This was a little over 150ft away, and was not direct line of site. I was truly impressed by this. 

I will provide more updates down the road after using this for a little while, but for now, this system is getting two thumbs up from me.

A little more about these systems: The transmitters have a volume control and are able to change frequencies. The receiver automatically syncs up to the transmitter with no extra steps required. 

The systems are available in the following configurations. Click each for more info.
GMU-M100 (Single Handheld)
GMU-M200 (Double Handheld)
GMU-HSL100 (Single Headset/Lav)
GMU-G100 (Guitar or 1/4" transmitter)

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