A820NICDANTE Dante Digital Audio Upgrade Card for SCM820 Standard Ethernet Versions

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This upgrade card brings DanteTM digital audio to standard Ethernet versions of the SCM820 automatic mixer.Dante digital audio offers multichannel audio networking over a single Ethernet connection and computer-based playback, recording, and signal routing via Dante Virtual Soundcard and Dante Controller software.


  • Connects SCM820 to any Dante device
  • Dante-equipped SCM820 mixers can be linked to form large automixes of up to 12 units (96 channels of audio)
  • Multichannel digital audio over Ethernet with 24-bit resolution and 48 KHz sample rate
  • True plug-and-play networking with automatic device discovery and system configuration
  • Dante Virtual Soundcard license included to allow a computer to connect to a Dante network for recording, playback, and internet calling between Dante-equipped devices

  • Model: A820NICDANTE
    Manufacturer: Shure