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314E Windscreen for 635A, gray

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The Electro-Voice model 314E is designed to be used as a windscreen for models 631B and 635A microphones. It can also be used as a pop filter with the RE10, RE15, 660 and 664A microphones. Unique open-cell Acoustifoam material adds additional protection against dust, magnetic particles, moisture, etc., while also performing its primary function of screening out wind noise and annoying p-pops. The model 314E can be used with any microphone similar in shape to the 631B or 635A.The 314E slips over the end of the microphone easily by hand. A snug fit is all that need be checked.

  • Protects element from dust, moisture, magnetic particles, etc.
  • Prevents "P-popping"
  • Does NOT affect directional characteristics of microphones
  • Specifications:

  • Material: AcoustifoamTM
  • Color: Charcoal Gray
  • Dimensions: 2.50 x 2.25" (63.5 x 57.2 mm)
  • Weight: .105 oz. (3 g)

  • Model: 314E
    Manufacturer: Electro Voice