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3098A 16-Watt 8-Inch Standard Two-Way Ceiling Speaker, 8 Ohms; Must Be Ordered In Mul

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The Electro-Voice 3098A 16-Watt 8-Inch Standard Two-Way Ceiling Speaker is a two-way loudspeaker with 8-inch low-frequency cones and a high temperature voice-coil assembly coaxially mounted with wide-dispersion cone tweeters. The dual magnet construction allows each speaker to bestructurally, magnetically, electrically and mechanically independentof the other. The 3098A utilizes a single sectioncrossover network, centered at 3,000 Hz, which provides 6 dB ofattenuation for the tweeter outside its operating range. The components are designed to work together as a completesystem of in-ceiling loudspeakers and accessories. They providewide dispersion, high-efficiency, high- maximum output, ease of installation and wide-range reproduction of music or voice.WB versions come complete with a pre-mounted ceiling grille.

Model: 3098A
Manufacturer: Electro Voice