Pro Audio and Lighting


Born in Raleigh NC, Phillip J. Hawley is a gifted multi-instrumentalist electronic musician & performer.

Known for his talents as a rapper & advanced level turntablist, Phillip is also a flexible drummer, a computer based music composition guru, a competent bassist and arguably one of the greatest finger drummers alive.

We mentioned multi-talented, so we’ll just list a few more of Phillip’s skills:

  • Creative & eclectic guitarist
  • Passionate & thorough teacher
  • Top shelf trombonist
  • File management nazi (organized)
  • Signal flow & cable routing obsessed engineer
  • Sharing the stage & performing with legendary turntablist, Qbert.
  • Terrible dancer 

Phillip has taught electronic music composition & software techniques to students ranging from beginners to Grammy award winners and believes all students should be treated with equal respect. No two students have the same goals, and Phillip approaches each client with a customized approach. Phillip believes that mixing and mastering is an art, not a science and thus facilitates in teaching development and good values, enabling his students to achieve their personal best.

Professionally Phillip has worked in product demonstrations, retail staff seminars, and exclusive sponsored artist training for brands such as M-Audio, Digidesign, and most notably Native instruments where Phillip worked as a product specialist and artist trainer for over five years. Phillip has also worked as a freelance audio consultant and private electronic composition instructor/tutor and has over eight years experience in high end audio/video design and installation.


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